Seattle Native & Howard University Graduate

I lived in Washington DC from 2009-2013. I absolutely adore DC and consistently visit each year. And not just for Howard Homecoming.

I began painting at Howard in a figure painting class. I found myself up until 3am mixing paint, vibing to music, and feeling empowered by what I created. After a few phone calls with my parents, I switched my major and have been rocking ever since.

Fun fact: I created the name @thecurlynugget as a twitter handle (for my curly hair and golden brown physique). I dropped off of twitter. But kept the name. It fits.

About Me

Four facts you should know:

1) Most of my work illustrates bright and bold illustrations of the color spectrum. I choose colors based on my mood and the emotion I want captured within the canvas. I am deeply inspired by the harmonious and energetic relationships of colors, patterns, and materials used in unison.

2) My recent mixed-media work incorporates a variety of textures such as lace, fabric, feathers, color pencil, and pearler beads while still using acrylic paint and canvas as foundational elements.

 3) I am my own muse! Most of the figures in my work are self-portraits or sketches derived from full-figured models. Although I seek inspiration from media sources, which often redefine and objectifies womanhood, my goal is to restore and empower self-perception, and to illustrate the complex and beautiful attributes of women today. My identity as a Black American woman, a descendant of Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, is represented in the combination of colors I use as the complexions of the female figures in my artwork. Each color is represented in “Blackberry and Ode to Victoria” as a nod to my ancestry.

4) I celebrate artists who are unapologetically bold and unique within their respective industries. I admire and am influenced by the music and fashion of Erykah Badu, Beyonce, The Roots, Masego, Solange Knowles, SZA, Mickalene Thomas, Tracy Ellis Ross, and Amara La Negra. Also, Rupi Kaur’s book, Milk and Honey, speaks universal feminism, which embodies my philosophical beliefs about female empowerment, love, and self-discovery.

Perri in studio.jpg

Visual artist extraordinaire

Mixed Media Queen

Location: Seattle, Washington