I attribute my artistic inspiration to the imagery, sounds and colors I find in music videos, media and social media.  Visually, from Instagram and music videos I find and sketch the human form in natural poses, which provides reference for the basic structures of my subject matter.  The music I choose to listen to, hip-hop/Soul and electronica instrumentals, allows me to freely express my emotions, which becomes the essence of my work.    

My success is found when I do not limit my color palette. Instead, I choose colors based on my mood and the emotion I want captured. Most importantly, I strive to create an inclusive audience by using every color to represent the complexion of the women in my artwork. I highlight themes of female empowerment, sensuality, and emotional expression. In my abstract non-representational art, I mute my intentions and just let my imagination take precedence. 

Many of my influences are from the musicians and artists that I admire. They are unapologetically bold and are unique within their industry. The music and fashion of Erykah Badu, Beyonce, The Roots, Betsy Johnson, Solange Knowles, and Gwen Stefani influence me. Also the poetry of Rupi Kaur’s ebook, Milk and Honey, speaks universal feminism, which embodies my philosophical beliefs about female empowerment.

I actively try to represent the female body in the nude, not to provoke, but to celebrate our beautiful figures and to reiterate that the power of a woman lies within her. On the contrary, the media often redefines and objectifies womanhood. Although I seek inspiration from media sources, my goal is to restore and empower self-perception, and to illustrate the complex and beautiful attributes of women today.


Visual artist extraordinaire

Location: Seattle, Washington